My Tradelog
Aug 2017 1.  Traded Elayna 3 cards.  Aug 1.

2.  Traded Tallie 13 cards.  Aug 4.

3.  Traded Bella 5 cards.  Aug 4.

4.  Traded Lorelei 23 cards.  Aug 7.

5.  Traded Elayna 6 cards.  Aug 7.  Still waiting for my 6 cards.

6.  Traded Kathryn 19 cards.  Aug 8.

7.  Traded Tanya 2 cards.  Aug 8.

8.  Traded Rebecca 2 cards.  Aug 9.

9.  Requested trade with Mariel 15 cards.  Aug 9.

10.  Traded 3 cards with Marcinha.  Aug 24.

11.  Traded Orella 2 cards.  Aug 26.

12.  Traded Sicara 6 cards.  Aug 28.  Still need my cards.
July 2017 1.  Traded Rebecca my GDPP01 VAMP19 for her ESEE15 EMCW06.  Jul18.

2.  Traded Vix 38 cards.  Jul22.

3.  Traded Eunice 4 cards.  Jul23.

4.  Requested trade with Tallie 13 cards.  Jul23.
May 2017 1.  Traded Vix my CMLA10 for her FMLO10.  10May17

2.  Traded Rebecca my WILA08 ALLE05/09 for her GMSE18 TDHP15 THPP25.  May25.
April 2017 1.  Traded Sicara my BYPP27 CEHP09 CESE39 CMEE22 DLPP30 VASP06 for her ESMO11/19/26/27 FACH06/07.  Apr 2.

2.  Traded Marcinha my WISP10 for her FAMP09.  Apr4.

3.  Traded Bella my BYMP05/08 FACH06 FAMP10 WIAL03 WIHP25 for her HWTC46 CESE03/07/17/20 DYCW07.

4.  Traded Melissa my ESMP02 ESSE21 FLMO10 for her CMPP23 LSTR04/10.  Apr 2017

5.  Traded Melissa my ESHP31 ESTR52 for her BLCW01 ESSP07.  Apr 11.

6.  Traded Annica my CELA07 ESTR44 VAMP12 for her GDPP09 NSTE01/10.  Apr 15.

7.  Traded Marcinha my AMPP04 MVSC05 for her CEHP30 PTTR14.  Apr 15.

8.  Traded JayJay my CESE46 for her ESTC28.  18Apr.

9.  Traded Melissa my ESSE25 KTDP07 SPMO17 for her CESE19 DYCW03 ESTC29.

10.  Traded Inger my ESSP18 SPSE22 for her DYCW04/09.

11.  Traded Lorelei my ESHP31 ESSP11 ESTR21 ESTR45/50 FAEE09 HWPP17 VASE19 for her ESBP09 ESLA11 ESSE13 FAMO17 FIAL06 FITC24 FLSE46 HWAL25.

12.  Traded Bella my SPPP12 for her CELA04.  Apr 19.

13.  Inger my ESHP37 SPLA01 KTDP02 for her THSE41/42/44.  Apr 23.

Requested trade with Annica my SPSP04 for her SPHP15.  Apr 23.

Requested trade with Sandy my CEMP06 ESTR55 for her ESBP23/24.  Apr 23.

March 2017 1.  Traded Annica my NYHP10 NYSE20 for her CMMO32 CEPP01.

2.  Traded Bella my WIAL03 for her CMPP08.

3.  Traded Inger my NYPP03 CLCW05 for her NYAL15 CLCW07.

4.  Traded Elayna my DLPP14 for her FYAL51.

5.  Traded Trampasj my NYMO07 NYSE05 for her BYPP29 FYAL54.

6.  Traded Lorelei my ESPP12 ESSP09 FYAL52 for her CMPP35 HWPS11 ISTC16.

7.  Traded Annica my EMCW01 for her CLCW09.

8.  Traded Marcinha my FYLA01 VAMP01 for her CMMP30 CMSP18.

9.  Traded Melissa my AGCW03 DYCW09 NYTC04 for her DLAL33 SUSE06 AMHP06.

10.  Traded with Sandy my BLCW01/07 for her CMHP10 CMLA10.

11.  Traded Inger my NYMP07 EMCW02 MKTC02 for her CMLA07 IISP05/08.

12.  Traded Sicara my BILA03 CESE32 CHSP05 CMLA01 CMMO36 CMMP12/18/62 CMPP51 DLPP22 ESMO27 ESSP06 ESTR27 FISE53 GDPP06 HWPP26 LAMB03 MKCW06/07 NYHP02 NYPP03/30 NYSE12 NYSP16 NYTC15 NYTR14 ODPP01/09 SCSE01 THSE19 WICH36 for her ESBP05/19 FTPP20 LSEE11 OLSE02/06/10 SCPP22/24/27 SCSE46 SDSE08 SDTC74 SEMP10 SPBP08 SPEE10 SPPP14 SPSE16 TDSE09 THSE22 TRSE01 VABP30 VAPP01/02/04 VASE10 VASP07 VATR49 WIHP16/18 WILA06.

13.  Traded Trampasj my CEMP09 TDHP19 for her AMHP04 BYPP28.

14.  Traded Lorelei my ANCH54 CMTC83 ESMO11 ESPP14 FAMO10 HWAL27 NYEE17 PTHP10 SCEE04 SCTC10 for her NYEE02 NYSE22 NYTC07 SCSE10 SPPP13 SPSE17 THPP18 VASP15 WIHP12 VAEE07.

15.  Traded Sylvia my CCEE19 CEEE35 CEHP17 CETC18 CMLA04 CMMO40 CMPP53 CMSP16 DLPP12/21/26/29 DYPP08 FAAL07 FAHP02 FAMO20 FAMP34 FASE04/11 FTSE06 FYEE19 GDPP07/10 HWAL17/27 HWCH02 HWDP07 HWPP03/21 HWSE05/15 HWTC49 LAMB03 LSTC14/15 NYAL11 SESE13 SPSE11/18 TDHP09 THPP09 VAAL19 VASE11 WICH47 WIMP01 WIPP13 WISE31 for her CEMO13 CMEE27 CMSE06 ESBP04/20 ESEE02/09 ESHP22 FABP06 FAMO18/19 FAPS09 FISE55 HWAL23/28 HWPS02/09 HWSE12/18 NYEE20 NYSP23/24 PTTR01/05 SCPP12/15 SDTC28 SESE08 SPSE56 SUHP10 SUHP16/18/19 TDSE09 THSE49 THTR13/15/39 VACH03 VAEE24 VAHP09/11/26 VAMO03 VASE22 VASP08 WILA09.

16.  Traded Tanya my BYMP04/09 FASE17/18 FTPP22 HWAL11 NYMP11/19 NYTC02/03 VASP19/20 for her ALLE11/13/17 CEPP15 CEMO12/14 CMEE22/24/25/28/29/30

17.  Traded Inger my VAMP17 CESE56 for her NYTC09 VASP18.

18.  Traded Mariel my CMMP13/17 for her CESE59 SDTR26.

19.   Traded Lorelei my CEMP01 DLPP27 ESHP06 FAMP05 MKTC06 NYPP20 NYSP17 SESE03/08 VAEE24 VAMP19 VASP25 for her CEMO16 ISTC13 NYEE11/16 NYHP03/04/09/10 NYSP21/22/30 SCTC07.

20.  Traded JayJay my CESE60 CMMP17 CTHP12/13 ESHP08 FAEE06/07 FAHP07 FAMO28 FAMP04 FAPS02/09 for her CMEE01/03 CMMP54 CMPP26/28 DLPP04 ELFE15/16 ESBP10/13/15/16.

  21.  Traded Melissa my FLMO07/09 for her HWPP23/28.

22.  Traded Beth my CDBP06 FISE47 GDTC07 HWPP29 SPMO07 for her ALLE18 CEPP16 CMPP30 ESBP10 ETEE04.

23.  Traded Inger my CEHP26 for her VASP04.  Mar13.

24.  Traded Annica my ESPP11 for her VASP06.  Mar13.

25.    Traded Bella my BYMP02 CTHP14/17 DLPP17/19 MKCW10 for her ALLE12/15 CMEE23 ELFE02 ESBP13 ESEE07/10 ESHP24 ESSE08 FABP10.  Mar10.  I OWE HER 4 CARDS!

26.  Traded Trampasj my CWEB05 MKTC04 TDHP16 WILA17 for her ELFE20 ETEE07 WILA01 VASP13.  Mar14.

  27.  Traded Elayna my BLCW03 HWTC50 SUHP13/20 THPP30 WIMP10 for her CEEE31 CESE54 CETC23 DLPP05 ELFE05 ESHP27.  Mar8.

28.  Traded Annica my FLMO10 MKCW02 VAMP01 for her SDTC80 WILA03 SCPP21.  Mar16.

29.  Traded Lorelei my ANCH59 CEMP09 CLCW09 DYCW05 ESPP17 ESTR30 FAMO38 FYAL53 GDPP06 HWTC48 KTPP07 MKW09 MKTC04 NYLA19 NYPP13 PTHP09 SEPP22 VASE01/02 for her CEHP26 EMCW04 FIAL08 MKTC10 NYEE18 NYSE09 SDTR25 SUHP20 CDBP01/08 CEPP22/23/24 CESE13/14 CETC22 ESHP11/19 HWAL24.  Mar18.

30.  Traded Inger my VAPP06 CESE52 ESSE12/16 MVSC07 for her ALLE20 CMMP56 SDTR28 SPBP01/03.  Mar18.

31.  Traded Sandy my ALLE04 CEMP01 FLMO04 for her CEHP23 EMCW02 ESBP01.  Mar18.

32.  Traded Sylvia my CESE35 DLPP12 FAHP01/03 FYAL09 for her ESAL01/09 GDPR07 PTPP08 TDMO01.

33.  Traded Sicara my BILA05/08/10 CEHP05 CESE35 CETC15 CLCW03 CMLA06 CMMP20/29/64 CMPP34 DLPP25 FASE33/38 FISE55 HWPP21 NYSE16/24 NYTR16 SCPP07 SPHP14 TDHP01 VASP06/21/25 WICH53 for her ESHP16/20/26 HWAL22/27/30 NYEE14 NYHP02 VAHP23 CEEE32/37 ESBP21 FAHP13/18 FAMO16 FAPS02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09 FYEE12/17/20 MREE07.  Mar18.

34.  Traded Tanya my ESMP13 for her CMMP60.  Mar21.

35  Traded Marcinha my WISP02 for her ALLE19.  Mar18.

36.  Traded Lorelei my MVSC05/07 for her FAHP11/15.  Mar22.

37.  Traded Beth my HWPP22 for her FAMP06.  Mar22.

38.  Traded Lorelei my CMMO33 DLPP26 FITR48 LAMB01 LSPP09 NYLA08 SPMP05 for her CWEB02 FAHP19 MREE10 TDPP14 FLTR01/05/09.  Mar26.

39.  Traded Inger my FLMO09 GMSE12 ESMP15 ESSE27 ESSP11/17 ESLA06/07 for her THDP03 VADP08 CEMO15 CMPP29 ISPP11/19 CMPP31 ESBP17.  Mar26.

40.  Traded Melissa my GMSE14 for her VADP04.  Mar 26.

41.  Traded Bella my CTHP11/12 for her CEPP27/29.  Mar26.

42.  Traded Tanya my CESE52 ESEE17 ESMP07 for her VADP02/09 THDP02.  Mar26.

43.  Traded Sandy my CETR05 VASE06 for her THDP07 VADP08.  Mar 26. 

44.  Traded Melissa my CEHP29 ESEE18 ESLA15 ESMP07/12 FLMO04 GMSE20 SPMP07 for her BLCW03 CDBP10 CELA01 CEPP30 CESE09/10/15/16.

45.  Traded Inger my CEHP29 CELA06 ESSE17 ESMP09 ESSE21 ESLA03 SPMP06 GMPP08 MVSC04 SDSE14 for her BLCW04/06/09 CEEE33 CEMP06 CEPP28 CMEE04 LAMB08 HWSE11 LSEE15.  Mar29.

46.  Traded Lorelei my BYPP25 CEBP15 CEHP14 CLCW08 CMCH04 CMLA02/04 CMMO37 CMSP16 DYCCW02 ESPP18 ESSE30 ESSP04/05 ESTR23/29 FAMP31 FTBP09 FTPP18 FYAL51/54 FYEE17 HWAL19 NYEE22 NYLA01 NYSP19 PTCH08 SCEE05 SDTR29 TDMP07 TDHP02/03/07 VAMP04 for her ESLA07 ESSE11 FISE51/59 FLSE41/42 GDTC02/04/07 ISEE01/09 LSTC12/16 MBEE02/04/05/08/19 NYAH01 NYLA05/09 NYMO10 NYPP01/08/17 NYSE14/17 NYTR12/18/19 PTHP10 SSCW04/09 THAL06.  Mar29.

47.  Traded Tanya my CESE59 ESPP14/16/17 ESSP19 for her ESBP12/18 FAMO23/25 FAMP03.  Mar30.

48.  Traded Sandy my ESBP10 FASE01 for her GDPP02 NYBP02.  Mar30.

February 2017 1.  Traded Inger my NYMO06 NYMP08 NYLA30 NYSE20 BYMP01 ESSP05 ESPP13/15 MKCW06/10 for her BYPP22 CLCW03 CETC13/17/20 CTHP17/19 CEBP14/17/20.

2.  Traded Elayna my CMPP48 DLPP11 FAEE04 FAMO01/03 FAMP55 HWMP04 NYMP08 NYSP08 ODPP06 SDTR21.

3.  Traded Tanya my ETEE10 for her ATAP05.

4.  Traded Melissa my BILA03 BYMP02/06 CMPP56/67 THPP22/25 for her AGHP01/02/09 FIBP01 PRLA05/08 WISE31.

5. Traded Annica my EMCW04 NYSP08 for her DLPP28 ALLE07.

6.  Traded Lorelei my CETC01 CLCW06 CMPP29 CMSE02 CMTC94/98 ESMO21 FACH05/06 FAMP33 FITR35/40 FYAL04 FYEE01 HWAL14/20/21/23 HWDP01 IISP02 LSPP04 NYAH04 NYEE18 NYLA18/21 NYMP19 NYPP12/17/25/27 SCTC07 for her ALLE21 CEPP05/07 CMHP05 CMMP57 CMPP40 DLPP10 ESSE02/05 FACH12 FTTC38 FYAL60 HWPS13/15 ISTC11 LSSE01 NSTE07 NYEE35/38 NYSP11 SCHP04/07 SCSP01 SPCH07/10 SPEE03 THSE46 TRAM02 VABP21 VAEE11 VASP19.

7.  Traded Elayna my CMMP12 for her BYPP23.

8. Traded Sandy my ESBP26 FITC27 for her ALLE25/29.

9.  Traded Bella my PISA02/03 SDTR15
WIEE04 for her BYPP24 CEBP11 AGCW09 CMMO35.

10.  Traded Trampasj my FAAL02/10 NYMO10 SPSE09
WIPP06/13/19 WISE24 for her AGCW04 BYMP04 CTHP12/13/15 CEPP02/09 CMAL10.

11.  Traded Inger my BYPP30 CWEB03/08 DYCW03 FYLA02 MKTC06 NYAH03 NYPP01 NYTC08 VAPP09 VAMP08/14/20 for her CEBP13 CEPP08 CLCW08 CMBP06/09 CMPP02/04 CMEE19/20 CMLA09 CMMP14/15/24.

12.  Traded Marcinha my ATAP09 CESE42 NSTE02 for her CETR13 CMDP01/07.

13.  Traded Sandy my ALLE07 CTHP16 NSTE02 for her AGCW01/06 BILA06.

14.  Traded Trampasj my DYCW06/07 NYMP01 THPP25 VASE16 WISP05 for her AMHP02/10 BILA09 BYPP25 CEBT06/16.

15. Traded Tanya her CMBP02 for my CLCW01.

16.  Traded Elayna my AMPP03/06/07 ATAP08 PTHP04/08 PTTR11 VAMP07/20 WIMP01 for her CESE53 CMEE02 CMHP06 CMMP13 CMPP24 CMSP14 CWEB03/09 WIPP17/20.

17.  Traded Trampasj my EMCW06 for her AGCW02.

18.  Traded Elayna my AGCW03 ESMO30 KTPP02 THSE40 THTR01/07 for her CETR18 CMLA01 WIAH02 WIBP05 WICH46 WIHP17.

19.  Traded Tanya my AGBP02 AMPP04 ANCH45 BYMP06 EASE09 ESDP10 ESEE09 FAHP04/08 FAMO04 FAMP46/60 FAPP16 FAPS10 FASE11/15 FISE54 FITC35 FLSE41 FYAL03 GDPP08 HWPP09/25 HWPS01/16 ISEE14 KTHP02 MBEE02/13/19 MKCW04/10 NSTE06 for her AMHP08 CEPP03 CETC11/15/19 CMDP08/10 CMEE05/06/08/10/11/13 CMHP04 CMMO31/33/36/37/39 CMMP22/23/28/65/69 CMPP01/41/46/52/57 CMSP09/11/13/17

20.  Traded Lorelei my BILA04 BYPP27 CLCW03 CMPP49 CMSP20 CMTC82 ESSP06 FITR42 FTPP13 FYAL02 FYTC20 HWCH06 HWEE04 MKTR06 NYEE27 NYLA27/29 NYMP14/16 NYPP28 NYSE03 NYSE26 SEPP24/26 TDPP02/04 THEE14/19 VAEE23 VAMO14/18 VASE06 VATR31/35 for her CEBP01 CMMP62 CMPP22 CMSP15 ESDP07 ESPP15 ESTC22/27 ESTC35 ETEE08 FABP09 FACH13 FAPP09 HWPP27 ISPP14 NSTE09 NYBP08/09 SDTC75 SPBP06 SPHP11/16 TDPP17/19 TRSE04/06 VABP13/19 VADP10 VASP14 WIHP15 WILA04 WIPP13/15.

21.  Traded Melissa my CWEB03 for her CMPP59.

22.  Traded Sicara my BYPP30 CESE32/43/48 CETC06/07 CLCW02 CMLA08 CMMP63/70 CMPP49 CTHP07 EASE02 FTPP27 HWSE15 IISP01 ISPP20 ISSE19 NYHP02 NYLA04 NYMO05 NYPP07/17 NYSE25 NYSP10/16 NYTC15/18 SCEE01 SCPP06 SCSP05 SEPP20 SESE20 SPHP02/05 SPMO10 SPSE35 TDHP05 THSE19 THTR05 WICH58 for her AMHP03/05 CEBP12 CETR16 CMMP52 CMSP06/08 DLAL31/32/34/35/38/40 ESPP14 ESSE04/06 ESTC40 FABP01 FAMO21/29 FAPP02/17 FAPS12 FIAL05 FITC26 FYAL53/56 FYTC14/16 GDPP01 HWEE17 HWSE19 HWTC42 IISP06 KTHP05 LSEE07 LSTR06 MOMA29 NSTE05 NYTC01/02.

January 2017 1.  Traded Marcinha my CMMP12 FLTR05 FITC32 PISA10 WIAL14 WIEE03 for her ALLE02 ATAP09 BYPP11/20 CCAP01/06.

2.  Traded Inger my ANCH57 CMMP23 NYLA03/25 NYSP15 WISE33 BYMP06 for her ATAP04/07 CCAP02/03 CEAP08/09/10.

3.  Traded Annica my WIPP12 for her FAMP50.

#.  Requested trade from Sylvia for her CETR14/19 CMEE15 ESDP05/10 FAPP11 FIAP07 HWSE06/18 KTAP01/11 LSAP36 LSEE01.

4.  Traded Sandy my ATAP08/10 CEPP16 FAPS02 WISE27 for her CEAP05 CESE45 CMAL05 CMPP51/55.

5.  Traded Elayna my CMEE21 FAMP01/07 for her SUAP20 FAMO22 WIHP29.

6.  Traded Marcinha my ANCH59 BITC17/19 for her ALLE06/10 BYPP16.

7.  Traded Tallie my CEPP03 LSPP02 WISE12 GDTC07 for her HWAL10 THSE02/03 WIHP10.

8.  Traded Elayna my CMSP20 THDP10 GDPP04 ATAP05 ESMO11 for her BYMP01 CMAL04 CMPP60 FAPP20 GDPP10.

8.  Traded Lorelei my ATAP09 CMEE28 DLPP30 FAAL06 FABP08 FAMP10 FIAP09 FYAL05/10 HWAL10 for her CMAL03 CMEE18 CMHP01 ESDP04 FAPP11 FASE06 FTBP02 FTTC37 FYEE07 HWPP21.

9.  Traded Lorelei my HWAL25 MKTR10 NYAH06/10 NYEE19/20/30 NYMP01/10 NYSE01/30 NYSP14 ODAP25 PTCH01 SCEE01 SEPP25 SESE09 SPPL05/07 WIBP08/10 WIMP06 WIPP05/09 for her CMEE16 HWSE01 HWTC47 ISNS35 ISPP15 LSAP38 NYSP03 PRLA02/03/06 SDAP03 SPBP04 SPPP17 TDAP02 THAL17 THSE31 TRAM04 VAAP45 VAPL13 WIAL16 WIEE05 WIHP26 WINS46 WISE07.

10.  Traded Tanya my CMMP36 FAAL10 NYEE09 NSTE05 TRAM03 WIPP19 WISE27 for her BYPP14/15/17 CETR11/14/17/19.

11.  Traded Inger my WILA10 NYLA14/18 NYCW05/07 for her AGHP04/06/07 CMBP01/03.

12.  Traded Annica my WIPP16 for her BYPP18.

13.  Traded Melissa my CMMP36 CMPP62 for her WISP05 WIHP27.

14.  Traded Elayna my HWPP04/09 HWMP01/03/07/09/10 CLCW10 VAHP09 NSTE03 ESMO14 LSPP04 GRPR06 HWPP29 for her ALLE09/26 BYMP10 CEBP18 CMEE21 CMMP26 FACH03 NYEE18/32/39 NYLA30 TRSE02 VASP09 WISE26.

15.  Traded Sylvia my CEAP14/60 CESE48 CETC19 CETR05 CHSP02/08/09 CMAP171/179/180 CMCH02/04/20 CMEE24 CMMP24/56 CMPP69 CMTC91/95 DYPP09 ESAP76 ESBP29 ESPL10 FACH03/04/15 FAHP17 FAMO19 FAPS13/17 FASE15/17/36 FCAP25 FIAP106 FISE45 FTSE03/05/09 FYAL03 FYEE12 GDAP35 HWAL13/14 HWCH03/07/09 HWPS27/29 HWSE07 LAMB06 LSTC18 NYAL12 ODNS09 SEAP34/38 SEPP08 SPAP37/38 SPHP05 SPSE54 SUAP05 TDHP02/03 TDSE02 THEE19 THSE415 VATR41 WIAH03 WICH34 WIPP19 WISE32 for her BINS17 CDBP06 CEPP06 CMDP03 CMEE09/15 CMPP02/03/05/09/40 DLAL37/39 ESDP05/10 ESEE08 ESPL08 ESTC21/24 FIAP104 FIBP06 FINS74/77/80 FTPP14/18 FTTC33/35/40 FYTC15 GDTC07 ISEE08 ISNS32 ISPP01/02 LSAP36 LSEE01 MKTR05 MREE08 PTAP03/05/07 PTTR20 SCAP15 SCEE01 SCMO26 SCPP06 TDNS06/07/08 THSE05/19 VABP12/17/25/27/28 VAEE03/05/16/18 VANS03/11/21/26/27 VAPL11 VATC53/54/56 VATR35 WINS43 WISE11.


Dec 2016
1.  Traded Melissa my CMHP04 FAAL01 FAMP10 SEMP03 for her FTSE09 FITR31/34/35

2.  Traded Inger my WISE22 HWAL26 GDPP07/08 ELFE03/09 DLPP22 CMSP07/08 for her FAAL05 FITR41/50 FTSE06 HWCH07 LSAP44 PISA01/07 THTR02

3.  Traded Inger my FAMP54 CMPP43/45/51/54 ATAP10 for her CMAP132 FLAP52/56/57/58 HWDP04.

4.  Traded Annica my WIAL02/08/10 WIHP14/20 for her AMPP01 ATPP03/06/10 BITC11

5.  Traded Trampasj my CMPP54/60 DLAP07 FIAP02 FAAL04 FLSE50 FYAL04/08 HWAL15 KTPP04 for her CMAP137 FTPP26 FYAL06 HWAL08 HWDP08 OLPP02/05 PISA10 THTR03/04.

6.  Traded Marcinha my CEAP69 ESTR32 FAMO27 HWAL15 WIPP15 for her ATPP04/08 BITC15 CEBP08 CEEE27.

7.  Traded Tanya my FAHP12/19 FAMP48 WIAP159 WITC22 for her AGBP03/05/08/10 ATAP08.

8.  Traded Bella my CECH01/03/08/10 FAHP07 HWPS01 for her BITC18 CEBP04/07/08 CEEE23/25.
9.  Traded Tanya my CMMP19 WISE24 for her ATPP07 BITC17.

10.  Traded Sandy my CMSE02/10 FAPS05/09 for her AMPP05/10 CESE24 HWPS30

11.  Traded Lorelei my HWSE15/19 PTCH04 SEPP02/06 for her ATPP07 DLPP13 FAHP10 FAPS15 FASE14.

12.  Traded Sicara my CMPP05 CMMP15 FACH03/08/15 FTPP24 for her CEMO21 CETC39 CMAH14 FAMP41 FASE12.

13.  Traded Inger my CMPP53 DLPP27 FAPS13 NYSP05/09 TDHP09 WIAL01/18 WISE39 WISP04 for her BITC19/20 CEMO23 CESE23/25 CETC31/33/37/38 FTPP28.

14.  Traded Annica my CMHP08 CMPP33/34 FAHP12 HWCH01 HWMP15 HWPS09 HWPS12 WISE37 for her CESE33/36/37/38 CMAH12/16/17/19 DLPP12

15.  Traded Marcinha my BIDP10 FAMP36 FLTR02 for her CEMO22/24/28

16.  Traded Lorelei my FAPP03 FAMP34/38 ESTR 24/28 ATAP08/10 ESEE09 CECH10 for her ANCH41 CMSP10 HWSE09 SDAP01 SCEE16 SDTC78 TDHP04 THAL11 VABP05.

17.  Traded Inger my WISE40 CMPP61 for her CESE35 CMAH13.

18.  Traded Lorelei my HWCH02 HWPS29 KTPP06 MKTR05/09 SCMO26/28 SESE11/15/18 WICH42 WISE29 for her CEAP04 CMBP05/07/08 CCEE18 FCAP25/29 LSSE06 PTAP02 SPSE11/18 SPBP07.

19.  Traded Beth my CDBP02 FCAP27 GDTC07 for her CMPP45 CMPP69 ELFE18.

20.  Traded Bella my ETEE03 SDTR20 for her ELFE14 FIBP08.

21.  Traded Sandy my ESBP21 ESTR28 CMEE06 DLAP06 FAMO34 FIAL08 FIPP02 FTSE04/07/08 for her FAHP02 FASE11 HWPS25 LSSE04 PTAP06 SDAP02 SDTC77 SUAP30 THAP16 THTC10.

22.  Traded Sicara my CTHP05 DLPP18 EASE01/07 FAMO18/19 FAMP53 HWCH04/10 HWPP16 HWPS29 OLPP06 SEPP19 SPPL04 CMMP32/39 for her FTBP08 FINS01 FASE19 FAHP08 ELFE04 CMSP04 ATAP06 SCEE19 PMPP01 LSEE18 LSAP47 CMBP04/10 LSEE16 KTHP02 HWPP25.

23.  Traded Melissa my WIPP07 for her LSAP45.

24.  Traded Trampasj my APNT45 FAAL06 SEPP10 for her BITC12 CESE21/39.

25.  Traded Sylvia my BYAP30 CEAP43 CECH03 CEHP20 CENS03/06 CEPP21 CESE11/13 CMAH20 for her ANCH45/48 CCEE13/20 FIBP09 FINS04/08 FTBP04 HWMP01/03.

26.  Traded Tanya my CMEE28 CMMP18 FAPS08 for her ANCH43/44 CCEE11.

27.  Traded Annica my CMPP35/51 FACH15 FAHP10/11 WIAL17 WIHP19 for her ANCH47/49 CCEE11/15/16/17/19.

28.  Traded Marcinha my BIDP10 CESE46 NYSP07 PISA02/03 WIAL17 WIPP20 WISP09 for her ANCH46/47/49 CCEE15/16/19 CEAP01/03.

29.  Traded Inger my HWAL24 WIAL08 CMMO31 CMPP60 NYSP30 for her TDPP10 FAMP42/44 FAMO05/10.

30.  Traded Sicara my CMMP30/34 IISP02 for her FAMO03/28/36.

31.  Traded Tanya my CEMO25 CMMP33/56/58 CMPP33/40 for her CCAP08/10 CEAP07 CESE41/42/49.

32.  Traded Melissa my WIHP14 CMPP49/69 CMMO35/40 for her CCAP01/02/09 CEAP05/08.

November 2016
1:  Traded Melissa my BLNS06 CESE41 SCPP17 18 for her BIDP03 SEAP31 SEPP08 09

2:  Traded Bella my AMHP02 07 BIPH02 CETR05 07 12 19 FYAL08 HWAL17 19 HWSE03 07 KTPP05 08 SEAP25 VAAL11 13 VANS03 WINS46 48 for her CEHP11 20 CETC02 07 09 CTHP04 10 CMAP177 CMCH07 18 20 CMTC86 93 ESTR21 EASE06 08 FTPP21 FTPP05 07 FITR44.

3:  Traded Annica my CESE33 36 DLPP12 15 FAMO25 HWCH10 HWDP01 HWEE03 05 HWMP10 HWPS16 26 HWSE17 THPP11 19 THSE37 39 THTR31 35 WIPP02 for her BIDP04 BYAP12 14 16 17 20 28 CECH01 03 05 07 CEGO05 06 08 SEPP01 15 SEAP36 37 HWAL01 07

4:  Traded Sylvia my THAL05 16 for her PISA08 TDPP07

5:  Traded Inger my AGHP08 ANCH42 49 BYPP12 16 CEAP41 FACH03 20 FAMP37 FAPP19 FAPS02 FASE08 18 for her BYAP21 23 26 CEHP14 CETC05 08 CMCH02 04 CMPP12 CMTC91 94 99 CTHP02

6:  Traded Tanya my CESE36 FTSE04 SCAP27 SCPP04 SESE12 17 SPAP32 34 SPEE06 SPHP09 SPPP18 SPSE01 19 31 SUAP02 20 SUNS 12 20 SUSE09 and TDAP01 for her BYAP11 18 CEHP12 18 CENS08 CETC01 CHSP03 05 CMCH08 09 11 16 CMPP14 CMTC87 92 97 CTHP05 DYPP05 EASE09 and ESTR23.

7:  Traded Sicara my BITC17 CEEE27 CETC13 CMPP01 03 CMSE03 DLAL35 37 for her CECH08 CEHP13 15 CMPP20 CTHP08 PISA04 SCSE41 THSE24.

8:  Traded Marcinha my APNT49 CMAP134 140 ESTR36 FISE54 FITC34 FLAP52 GDTC08 ISNS34 KTAP11 12 18 for her BIDP05 BYAP19 CEHP16 20 CMCH12 14 CMPP17 18 CTHP01 07 ESTR29 SEPP10.

9:  Traded Inger my WIPP04 05 HWSE10 FAPS17 for her FTPP04 FAMP38 55 59.

10:  Traded Sicara my FTPP20 ISEE09 ISPP05 ISTC20 SPSE16 for her HWMP18 FYEE06 FACH09 APNT44 49.

11:  Traded JayJay my CESE32/36 FAPS04 FISE58 HWDP09 for her FTPP08/10 THSE07 THAP06/09

12:  Traded Melissa my CESE45 WITC26/27 for her CENS09/03 BYAP29

13:  Traded Sandra my KTAP14 THTR14 FYEE05/06/10 FYEE11/15/19/20 ISSE14/18 KTHP04/07 TDSE04/10 DLPP12/17 APNT44/49 ODAP31/35 for her DYPP08 CMAP171 CHSP04/08 CENS03/10 BYAP27 HWDP02/05 HWCH04/10 FTPP24/25 FITR33 FAMP46/51/57 FAPP08 FAMO18 ESHP03/09

14:  Traded Bella my ETEE06/08 WIAL04/10 FACH03 SUAP11 for her THTR01 PTCH01/04/06/08/10

15:  Traded Sicara my DLPP19 CTHP04 ESSE08 ESTR26 FAMP03/07 FACH12 SUSE03 for her CMTC82 FYAL09 HWAL11/15/18/19/20 HWCH08

16:  Traded Tanya my KTAP10, THPP19, VAMO09, WIAH01/09, WIAP141, WIAP150/151, WICH36/38 for her CHSP01, CMAP178/179, CMCH06, EASE02, ESHP01/02/06/08/10.

17:  Traded Melissa my CEMO22/29 for her CHSP06/07.

18:  Traded Beth my FAMO15/18 GDAP22 GDTC02 HWPP21/23/30 SPEE03 SUSE07 TDPP15 VAMO18 for her FITR48 FYAL04 HWTC49 PTCH05 SCSE45 SPPL09 TDPP03 THAP04/07 THTR07 WIHP03.

19:   Traded Sicara my FAHP05, FAMO32, FASE36, HWEE08, HWMP18 for her FAMP60 OLPP04 PISA03 SCSE47 SDSE07.

20:  Traded Tanya my FAPS01 for her FAAL01.

21:  Traded Sandy my ELFE17 SEMP07 for her DYPP10 OLPP09.

22.  Traded Annica my FACH09 FAPS20 FASE31 HWPS29 for her FAMP31/33/39/54.

23.  Traded Tanya my CMHP06 WIPP17/20 WICH35 WIAL05 WIEE08 for her DYPP02/03 FAMP34 FITR43 FTPP01/02

24.  Traded Marcinha my ALLE30 FAMO19 FITC39 HWAL14/17 for her CMCH05 FYAL07 FITR36 FTSE10 PISA06.

25.  Traded Bella my BIHP10 HWSE10 HWAL14/18 KTPP04 SEPP10 SUAP12 VASE13 WIPP05/07 TDHP03/10 SDTR18 for her CESE26 FLAP53/54/60 CMAP133/134/140 WIBP02 VAAP42 LSAP41/43/48/49

26. Traded Sandy my HWAL19/27 WISE11 for her AMPP07 DLPP17 ETEE05
29 October 2016 Traded Sylvia my CCAP07 08 CEEE38 CEPP19 CESE14 CMAH19 CMSE08 ESAP73 FITC22 28 FYNS 04 05 06 THAL07 08 09 12 18 20 THAP12 for her CECH09 10 CEHP01 02 04 09 CMAP176 FITR37 42 HWAL04 09 OLPP06 PTTR07 SDSE01 SEPP11 17 THTR06 10 WIHP04 09.
23 October 2016 Traded Sicara my APNT49 BITC14 CEPP08 14 18 for her SEPP13 HWAL06 HWDP06 BYAP22 25.
18 October 2016 Traded Trampasj my ATTP10 CCEE19 CEAP64 for her HWPP 11 12 17.
14 October 2016 Traded Melissa my SCMO21 SCSE09 for her BIDP 07 10.
13 October 2016 Traded JayJay my THTR17 ESMO30 ESTR30 for her SEAP38 SEAP40 SPHP09.
09 October 2016 Traded Marcinha my ATPP09 GDAP38 THSE32 LSTR06 for her SPHP09 SEAP38 SEPP02 SEPP06.
07 October 2016 Traded Inger my AMPP02 FAMO04 FASE17 HWSE05 OLPP07 SCHP06 for her BIDP09 BIDP02 BIDP01 SEPP18 SEPP16 SEPP14
04 October 2016 Traded Bella my BLNS02 PTTR13 for her HWPP 19 20.

Sent my 20 and 30 card cert to Annica for 50 more cards.

Traded my 10 card cert to Inger for 10 cards.

Traded Tanya my ATTP 02 03 FIAL06 SCAP22 for her SPPL 08 10 HWPP14 ESTR22.
03 October 2016 Traded Inger my AMPP 06 08 FASE 20 HWSE 01 06 SCSE 03 04 for her SEAP 33 34 35 SPHP 02 03 05 06.

Traded Melissa my KTHP07 for her SPHP07.
02 October 2016 Traded out my old expired cards for new ones.  Updated my wanna trade and don't trade pages.