here is my banner, just click it if you want to save it to add to your members page.  If I don't have yours here please send it to me so that I can add it above your text, thanks! <3
Donna - MPPX-MP

Annica - ANCH-AH

Bella - CDBP-BP
Donna - MPPX-MP

Elayna - CWEB-CW

Eunice - JBEP-EP

Inger - INSE-SE

Kathryn - PRLA-PR

Lorelei - LAMP-LA

Marcinha - CTHP-HP

Mariel - MVSC-MV

Melissa - MOMA-MO

Orella - BOYD-OB

Rebecca - LTCP-LT

Sicara - ALLE-AL

Tallie - TACO-TC


On Break

JayJay - PDPL-PP

Sandy - IISP-SP

Sylvia - CHSP-CH

Trampasj - TRAM-TR
Coming soon!
  Hopefully you!  
Please contact these sites when you want to trade something.