My Memberships:

Here are my paid memberships:

NOTE a few things:

1)   I DO trade memberships on occasion that will benefit my members BUT if I trade you memberships and at some point you close up your site, your membership to my sites that I have traded with you will be terminated. 

2)   I do not offer tubing licenses at MPP nor do I allow anything of the sort to be done with my creations - but if you wish to trade and you do offer those licenses, I will expect to include them in the trade - and in exchange if at some point my tou change or I do start to add licenses - I will certainly NOT expect you to pay for one - it will be included in our prearranged trade IF I ALLOW THAT AT SOME POINT!!

3)  If I trade memberships with you and at some point you decide to change your terms of use regarding tubing so that I have to purchase a license to continue to tube, or to continue to offer tubes I have already made, I will cancel our trade agreement.

Current Memberships Graphic & Tut Sites:

Vanilla Patch ~ ( LT & Tube)

Tubing Licences: from Graphic Shops


Sig Club Memberships:

Tender Teddy Tags (LT - gift from Kellie)
Sugar Fields Graphics (exp 12/07/06)
CraftECreationz September Sig Club

Former Memberships:

Adorable Pixels
Adorable Adornments
ColoredCreations (3 mos & LT Tube) ends Dec 21/2010
Enchanted Sky
JCS Designs (TR)
Angie's Web (1 yr - June 23 2007 + Commercial Tube)
Chatterbug Graphics (exp Aug 24, 2007 allows tubing)
Cute Creationz (6 mos allows Tubing)
DoodlebugPixels (1yr ~ expires 09/08/2011) lifetime tube
Kiona Creek Creations (exp Jan 05/07 have tube license)
Kreated4U (3 mos & LT Tube) ends Dec 21/2010
Laura's Pixel Page (6 months ends July 21, 2012 & LT Tube)
MiniMe Pixels (1 month ends 29/02/2012 & LT Tube)
Perfectly Pixeled Lines (exp Nov 10/06 + Tube)
The Pixel Alley (6 months ends July 5, 2012 & LT Tube)
RoseBonBon Creations (ends Mar 15, 2011) lifetime tube
Vivi's Pixel Area ~ (ends Mar 14, 2011) lifetime tube

Closed or Vanished Memberships:

Angelic Designs (LT)
Cornish Designs (LT allows Tubing)
Dangers Doodles (TR)
Doodling Friendz (TR & LT Tube)
Do It Yourself Pixels (LT)
Dragon Meadow Pixels/Moonstruck Dolls (LT)
Faery Ink (LT)
Heartland Creek Graphics (LT)
Homespun Pixels (LT & Tube)
Iddy Pixels (TR allows tubing)
Illusionary Lines (TR)
Janes PSP Country
Julie's Country Lineart (LT + allows Tubing)
Lil Dots (TR)
Lineart & More (Tube + As Is)
Lines By Designs (LT allows Tubing)
Madgurl (LT)
Magical Doodles (TR w tube and profit licenses)
Mary's Country Home (LT)
Mouse Potato Designs (LT)
My Doodles (TR & Tube)
NeyNey's Cuties (TR allows Tubing)
Peximely ~ Member 519 (Lifetime & Tube)
Pippie's Premades (Linkware Membership)
Pixel Anything (LT + Tube)
Pixel Crazy (TR)
Pixelkins (TR + Tube)
Pixelpatch, the (LT)
Pixel Palace (TR + Tube + Tuts Licenses)
Pixel Tut Junkie (LT + Tube)
Pixelville Graphics (LT allows Tubing)
Pixel-Land Pixels (LT + Tube)
Pixels and Lineart (TR + Tube)
Precious Little Pixels (TR & all licences)
Simple Country Bumpkin (LT)
Pixelynn (TR w Jenn allows Tubing)
Pretty Pixels By U (LT)
Pixel Sensations (LT + tube + tutorial)
Roxane's Dreamland (TR allows tubing)
Traces (TR)
Tuts and Lines (LT + Special Character Tubing)
Tweedies Country Nest (TR allows Tubing)
Vanilla Fields
Warren Lane Graphics (LT)
Whimsy Attic (LT + Tube)
Zarbella's Pixel Treasure (LT + Tube)

Sites I've quit:

Janes Little Treasures (LT + Tube)