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1]  Anything you take away from my site may not be shared/resold, or redistributed in any other way as they are.  They are to be used to create other FINISHED items (signature tags, website layouts, adoptions, etc.)which you may then sell so long as a link is provided back to MPP giving credit for the original outline/images. 
2]  Clickable links back to my site where you display items you have created from my work are REQUIRED.
3]  TUBES you make from my work are not permitted to be redistributed in ANY WAY.  They may be kept and used for your own projects.
4]  Feel free to change the outlines to work for you, but please do remember that no matter how different it may look from the original outline, a clickable link back giving credit for the original is still REQUIRED. Images other than outlines that you may take away from my site may not be changed in ANY WAY.

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